The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, best known for its annual Fair, has delighted community members, young and old, for decades. Originally created to celebrate the successes and advancements in local agriculture, it has grown to include other events that have served the community well. We applaud and support the Fair and the events that have historically given the Fairgrounds a prominent place in our community.

CAFA's mission is to work cooperatively with the Fairgrounds, helping it succeed during and beyond these difficult economic times, specifically by helping it to develop a long-overdue Master Plan. Our hope is that such a plan would allow for new events, and changes to existing ones, while mitigating environmental impacts and remaining in compliance with State and County laws.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of local residents formed to ensure that the Fairgrounds consider the community when planning their activities. We support the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds and want it to be successful. However we believe this success should be accomplished in cooperation with the community and in full compliance with the law.

After years of broken promises by various Fairgrounds Boards, we hired an attorney. We are hopeful that this will demonstrate to the current Board our seriousness, allowing us to reach an amicable agreement and avoid litigation.

Whether you have issues with the volume of noise, event times, traffic concerns, environmental issues, or anything else, join us and get your voice heard. This is our best opportunity to make lasting positive changes.

What You Can Do

You have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of your home, but the Fairgrounds has been ignoring the law for years. We invite your participation. You can be part of the solution.

Together we CAN make a difference. You can help:

  • Join our email list.
  • Spread the word (print fliers from the links at left).
  • Stay informed (keep visiting this website).
  • Attend the next meeting.
  • Help with our legal costs by donating securely.